Ordering Information


Generally orders are based on the amount necessary to produce enough seeds in seed plants . For these orders will need the following information : species , origin , area, spacing , project objective , as much as possible relevant information about the project. With these data we can determine exactly the amount of seed needed .
We require our customers to send your order request with sufficient time period to facilitate our planning crop harvesting , logistics and financial investment . Our customers appreciate receiving an application or user seed preference in writing, either by fax, letter or email. As soon as we receive your request we will send the response by the quickest route and also once accepted our offer or quotation . Upon receiving the order the customer will be advised of the availability and costs by a pro forma invoice . Once payment is received the order will be processed quickly. Payment can be made ​​by : check, credit card , money transfer or bank deposit . In some cases we also offer payment facilities to our customers when required.


cajas2Export All seeds are packaged in polyethylene bags and these in turn placed in cardboard boxes strong enough for easy transport.


Marketing Forms

cajas3The marketing of seeds is performed according to customer requirements and under the conditions of the following rates: FOB (Free on board and freight to collect) C & F (Cost and Freight seeds) CIF (Cost of seed, freight and insurance) Postal Air Courier and parcel Transportation seeds are submitted under any of the following modes of transportation: Air Travel Courier Parcel Post Commit Delivered.


cajas4The catalogs will not find prices. The reason is because these depend on the order quantity, type of transport, fluctuation of the U.S. dollar (or Euro since 2001) and the availability of seeds. We prefer to give the date when negotiating prices and by a pro forma invoice.


cajas5Advance payment is required. However, we will send a proforma invoice to confirm your order and make payment. Which can be made ​​by check, credit card, bank transfer or deposit to a bank account. The account number is provided in due course.