Historical Review

Gerente-General-de-SETRO-en-1982Semillas Tropicales , S. RL, known by the acronym (SETRO, S. de RL) is a private institution based in the Honduran city of Siguatepeque, Honduras, CA SETRO emerged in 1992 under public deed No. 118 dated March 26, 1992, recorded as property No. 68, Volume I, dated June 6, 1992 and Resolution No. 2045 COHDEFOR; within law framework for modernization and development of the agricultural sector, decree No. 31-92 of March 5, 1992 and in accordance with the new forest policy of the state of Honduras. SETRO is a multidisciplinary company, listed on the National Register of Nurseries, Seed and Seed Merchants of the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock of Honduras, CA; under registration No. 101 of February 18 of 1993.

Our Philosophy

Principles are necessary to be an entrepreneurial company. This is our mission and vision.

Our Mission

Supplying our customers with the best quality seeds physics and genetics, providing services and competitive prices and contribute to the conservation of forests around the world.

Our Vision

We intend to be a leading, globally recognized for supplying live and germplasm conservation, technological innovation, contribution to the environment, renewal and extension of forests efficient, versatile and fast. We see the future with positivity, with new challenges and imagine new possibilities for continued growth.

Our Team

Discover who make possible this company. Position the mouse over the image to find out more.

Oscar Ochoa Mendoza

General Manager

The CEO and founder of Semillas Tropicales Mr. Oscar Ochoa Mendoza has dedicated his life embracing the technological field of the seeds.

Diana Cerrato

Founding Partner

Bachelor in Business Administration and dedicated to the business world.

Osdy Ochoa

Associate Member

Degree in Industrial and Business Administration with extensive experience in marketing. Bilingual and MA in Planning and Projects.

Sofía Flores López


In charge of marketing.

Dolores Márquez

Cleaning and Maintenance

Responsible for the cleaning and maintenance of the physical facilities.

Juan Ramón Ochoa

Store Manager and Laboratory

Extensive experience in his field, with training at CATIE, Costa Rica.