Seed quality

All seeds are analyzed and proved its viability. The feasibility depends on the species, origin, harvesting time and storage period. In general the tests in the laboratory and in nurseries are made for all species. Quality data are included deliveries or shipments each lot and kind.
These data are:

  • Purity
  • Moisture content
  • Germination
  • Viable seeds per kilo
  • Pregerminative treatment

With orders we include the following documents:

  • Phytosanitary certificate for export
  • Certificate of Quality
  • Certificates of origin
  • Certificate of origin
  • Air Bill of Lading
  • Commercial Invoice
  • Packing List
  • Information on the species

Note: Some countries require a phytosanitary import permit prior to shipment and so it is important to consider this aspect before any order.