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The official site of Semillas Tropicales S. de R. L. where you can get to know our company, here you can find all of our products and our work in the field of seeds, scientific research and experience in the field of timber crops. Also find information about our social work as a company and a store where you can place orders online.

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SETRO magazine 20 years

The Journal SETRO was made to commemorate the 20 years of work of the Tropicales Semillas Company.

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One acre of trees removes, over one year, the same amount of carbon dioxide they produce four families at the same time. A single tree removes one ton of carbon dioxide over its lifetime.

Oropolí Projects

Oropolí Township Community, have to either submit to the consideration of the Government of the Republic of Honduras, this project document "SANITARY SEWER SYSTEM" for the funding and implementation of this important work dreamed and longed for decades.

Progress is a permanent desire of any community; expressed in any form, passive, impulsive, spontaneous action or dreams to become reality. Thus, both communities Oropoli Yuscarán and form partnerships to submit to the government of the republic through SOPTRAVI formal application for the proposed paving of the 26-km road connecting the two historic towns.